BİLGEM Co. Ltd. is a Turkish company , based in Antalya on the south coast of Turkey. Starting to business in 2001 , under the name of “NAVARCHS”  trademark (naval architects) became a specialized company on engineering, production and consultancy parallel to her foundation purposes. The story begins in  2001 and it is interesting to see how a distinctive NAVARCHS style has evolved, paticularly as each product has been ahead of time-pushing design and technology forward, responding to customers demands and taking advantage of the latest developments and technology with in a just in time production circle.

NAVARCHS employs a state of the art engineering and production concurrently with the advanced construction materials and design techniques. NAVARCHS experienced not only sailing yachts, and motoryachts but commercial vessels and different types of floating  vessels as well. Through the years of experience of the stuff, NAVARCHS is ready to perform all kind of projects regarding engineering, new buildings and conversion works for composite and steel marine vessels with international standarts and under the control of notified bodies .

NAVARCHS fabricates tug botas, pilot boats, diving boats, sport fishing boats, water crafts, sailing yachts and also subconstrats the megayacht projects for new building, consultancy and engineering especially in Free Trade Zone in Antalya. .